Bortistu Gjestegård ligger i Oppdal kommune i naturskjønne omgivelser innerst i Storlidalen og i hjertet av Trollheimen.


Trollheimen welcomes you!


Bortistu is a starting point the well-known trekking route Trekanten (The Triangle). Trek from Bortistu to Innerdalen, then to Trollheimshytta (tourist cabin) and back to Bortistu. In summer you’ll find The Norwegian Trekking Association’s marked trails all over Trollheimen (red T's).

Cross country ski tracks

In wintertime, high quality ski tracks are made from throughout Storlidalen, from Storli to Gjevilvatnet and to Tovatna and further around Høa, via Londalen. For updated ski trails, see

Ski touring

Storlidalen has a very stable climate, giving long winters, stable snow conditions and good conditions ski touring. Snow conditions regularly permits skiing from October to May, therefore it is safe to plan a trip in good time in advance.

Storlidalen is the perfect valley for skiing. Every other mountain is convex and concave, respectively, resulting in a great variation in terrain and formations. Her you will find both large plains and steep runs over a small area. Perfect terrain for all skiing skill levels.

Access to the mountains is easy; roads are open all the way up to Storli during winter, and you can go directly into the terrain from the road. It is a lot of parking lots marked with P along the road, we recommend using these not to hinder snow removal.

Recommended trips: Storbekkhøa, Nonshøa, Neådalsnota, Hyttdalskammen, Storslættkamben, Storhaugen, Gjerdhøa and Okla.

For these trips we recommend buying a pair of handmade carbon skis, customized for your needs, from our local ski factory EVI ski on Lønset.

Mountain trekking

In summer you can trek to several mountaintops, we recommend the following; 

Storbekkhøa, 1504 meters above sea level (MASL) – one of the lowest mountaintops in Storlidalen, but not an easy trip on that account. Two trails lead to the summit; from Bortistu and up to the right following Storbekken, crossing this after a while. Then, turn west towards Grønsletkammen. There you will fin a marked trail (red T) to the top. Alternatively, go towards Tovatna. After a few 100 meters you’ll find a sign to the right, for the trail towards Storbekkhøa.

Length: 5.5 km. Estimated time consumption: ca 5 – 6 hours back and forth

Kringlehøa, 1466 MASL, Storsalen 1593 MASL, Nonshøa 1532 MASL, Kråkvasstind 1699 MASL and Okla 1564 MASL are also recommended summits. We sell maps in the reception for these treks, see also suggestions on

If you are not familiar with mountain trekking or you want a guide, we can offer a very experienced mountain guide that knows the area well, and also know the history of Storlidalen.

Bike ride to Tovatna

We rent bicycles for kr 150 per day. We recommend cycling along a car-free mountain road, 12 km along Tovatna.


If you would like go for an easier trek, it is suggested to go to Vassenden for a view over Storlidalen and Gjevilvassdalen simultaneously! Have a look at old saeters / mountain farms, and have a refreshing dip in Gjevilvatnet. You’ll most certainly have a large, white, sandy beach all by yourself, surrounded by mountains 1400 – 1600 MASL. On one side of the water you can see Okla, and on the other side you can see the three tops of Gjevilvasskambene.

Fishing in Ångårdsvatnet

To be in a boat on Ångårdsvatnet, in the middle of Storlidalen, is a lovely experience. You can rent a boat with an outboard engine, fishing nets and life jackets, canoe and paddles. See here for prices and contact information (Norwegian only).

Fishing licence can be purchased online and with Lønset Grunneierlag (landowners association - Norwegian only).

Fishing in the mountain lakes

By the parking lot in Storlia you’ll find an information board with maps, and a self-service box for paying fishing license.

Prices, all Storli Utmarkslag:

  • Day: 100 kr
  • Week: 600 kr
  • Season: 1000 kr