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In marriage thoughts?

Trollheimen (Eng: Home of the Trolls) is the perfect scene for your wedding. I the middle of the stunning nature, you’ll find Bortistu Gjestegard. With long-standing experience with arranging weddings, unique banquet facilities and a comfortable accommodation in the “tun” (English: town), we can tailor your romantic wedding at Bortistu, winter or summer.

A real mountain farm wedding

For three days on end! The wedding guests arrive on Friday for an informal get-together. You may choose to make your own food, or we can prepare a meal. The guests spend the night in different cottages around the “tun”– on Saturday final preparations are made before the marriage ceremony and wedding banquet. The memorable weekend is ended with a calm Sunday brunch, before departure.

As guests of honour, the bridal couple will stay in Bruraloftet (Eng. The Brides Loft), with separate bathroom and tub.

The wedding ceremony

In beautiful surroundings, the wedding ceremony can be performed in “tunet”, in the mountains or in church; the nearest is Lønset church, 20 km from Bortistu.

For wedding in “tunet”, we can supply necessary equipment for the ceremony. If a church wedding is preferred, Oppdal Church office can be contacted to make the necessary arrangements. Should a humanist ceremony be preferred, The Norwegian Humanist Association has a representative in Oppdal Municipality. We are happy to convey both song and music for the wedding ceremony. 

The banquet and cakes

Our long tables will be set with white tablecloths, candles, napkins and tableware. You may bring your own decorations and place cards.

For the wedding banquet, you can choose between several three-course menus. As a finale, we offer different cakes, including the wedding cake. It is also possible for you to bring your own favourite cakes, if desired.

We do not rent the banquet room and facilities as such, but charge for the meals and service. There is no additional rent for the banquet facilities when food is ordered.

The wedding dance and party

Our bar is fully licenced, and is open until 03 AM. We are more than happy to convey information about troubadours, duets, quire song, fiddlers etc.

We have a music system for you to play your favourite play lists.  We are also happy to provide a midnight snack to be enjoyed in the late hours.

Transportation and parking

We can arrange for a grand arrival at Bortistu, either with a horse carriage or a veteran car. Otherwise, there is ample room for car parking at Bortistu, and we also have a charging station for electric vehicles.

Other services

We can also arrange for hairdresser, bakery and confectionary, or photographer.

Winter wedding

Storlidalen is beautiful also in the wintertime – we have a proper long, Norwegian winter, and snow conditions are very stable. If you choose a winter wedding, this alone will make your wedding quite unique; What is more magical than snow crystals and white winter scenery? We’ll offer a 15 % discount on the wedding menu from November to February.

Tour of the farm

Please contact us for a non-committal wedding talk, and a tour of the premises. We’ll help you create memories for life, and give your special day and weekend the framework it deserves.


 Bortistu Gjestegård ligger i Oppdal kommune i naturskjønne omgivelser innerst i Storlidalen og i hjertet av Trollheimen.

Celebrate at Bortistu

Special occasions require special surroundings! We have a long-standing experience, are flexible and can tailor your party as you desire.

We will set the tables either in Fjøset (Eng. The Barn) or in Gammelstoggo (Eng. The Old House).


Our unique banquet facilities in Fjøset can be set with long-tables from 15 – 100 guests. Experience the original whitwashed stone walls, slate and oak flooring, piano, fireplace and bar. Fjøset is equipped with both audio system and projector. Live music can be arranged, and we can make room for a dance floor. In the cellar of Fjøset we have seating groups in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, guests can be served a welcoming drink, either inside or outside.

After dinner, we can set a cake table, and you can bring your own favourite cakes. We can also provide for a late-night snack for the late hours.

 Bortistu Gjestegård ligger i Oppdal kommune i naturskjønne omgivelser innerst i Storlidalen og i hjertet av Trollheimen.
The banquet room in Fjøset

The banquet room in Fjøset


We also use Gammelstoggo for parties. The oldest part of this building dates back to 1648. The living rooms in Gammelstoggo have total a capacity of 60 guests. In front of the fireplace in Innloftet (Eng: The Inner Loft), you may experience a quite unique atmosphere.

Se our menu based on local produce and traditional courses. Our speciality is roasted, Basstu smoked leg of lamb.

 Bortistu Gjestegård ligger i Oppdal kommune i naturskjønne omgivelser innerst i Storlidalen og i hjertet av Trollheimen.

You may sleep at home

At Bortistu you are welcome to experience Trollheimen (Eng: Home of the Trolls) for a day. Pensioners, evening visits, daytime visits, school classes etc. can choose from our menu – please note you need to order in advance. Are you planning for a hike in the mountains, and wants to end your trip with a meal? Contact Bortistu in advance to order. See also suggested hikes.

Storlidalen is also a beautiful place for a road trip.


We offer to serve locally produced food and can also give a guided tour of the farmyard with stories of the daily life in Storlidalen and the history of the farm. The former farmer Leif might show up with his accordion if you would like sing-alongs and entertainment.

Bortistu and Storlidalen have an exiting and interesting past, and the hosts can take guests for a cultural history tour of the farm; we focus on crafts and craftsmanship, schooling, local personalities and unity. We’ll visit Innloftet (Eng: The Inner Loft) from 1648, Blåstoggo (Eng: The Blue House) with a toy collection from the 17- and 1800s and a cloths collection from the early 1900s. The photo exhibition on Buret (Eng: The Storehouse) shows pictures from both everyday life and celebrations on the farm from early 1900s. In Snekkerloftet (Eng: The Carpenter Loft) homemade tools and machines are put on display. In Smia (Eng: The Smithy) you can see a fire pit made of soapstone and a bellow made of sheepskin. Finally, Bassto (Eng: The Smoke House) is where we today smoke legs of lamb.

Please note that meals have to be ordered in advance.