You can sleep at home

At Bortistu you are welcome to experience Trollheimen (Eng: Home of the Trolls) for a day. Pensioners, evening visits, daytime visits, school classes etc. can choose from our menu – please note you need to order in advance. Are you planning for a hike in the mountains, and wants to end your trip with a meal? Contact Bortistu in advance to order. See also suggested hikes.

Storlidalen is also a beautiful place for a road trip.


We offer to serve locally produced food and can also give a guided tour of the farmyard with stories of the daily life in Storlidalen and the history of the farm. The former farmer Leif might show up with his accordion if you would like sing-alongs and entertainment.

Bortistu and Storlidalen have an exiting and interesting past, and the hosts can take guests for a cultural history tour of the farm; we focus on crafts and craftsmanship, schooling, local personalities and unity. We’ll visit Innloftet (Eng: The Inner Loft) from 1648, Blåstoggo (Eng: The Blue House) with a toy collection from the 17- and 1800s and a cloths collection from the early 1900s. The photo exhibition on Buret (Eng: The Storehouse) shows pictures from both everyday life and celebrations on the farm from early 1900s. In Snekkerloftet (Eng: The Carpenter Loft) homemade tools and machines are put on display. In Smia (Eng: The Smithy) you can see a fire pit made of soapstone and a bellow made of sheepskin. Finally, Bassto (Eng: The Smoke House) is where we today smoke legs of lamb.

Please note that meals have to be ordered in advance.