Lamb from summer pastures in Trollheimen

The meat is lightly salted and smoked using juniper in Bortistus's old smoke house, Basstu. This distinctive house is from about 1850.

Leif Helmersen has developed the idea and method of smoking legs of lamb in Bassto. Earlier Bassto was used for drying grain for brewing malt beer. The process of smoking leg of lamb is pure craftsmanship, and has been painstakingly developed to achieve a balanced, mild and unique smoke flavour, aroma and tenderness. The recipe is a well-kept secret.

The Norwegian royal couple was served Bassto smoked leg of lamb from Bortistu when the Ministry of Agriculture celebrated its 100th anniversary at Sem Gjestegård in 1999. The same was served at their visit to Oppdal in 2002.

Bassto smoked leg of lamb is recommended whole roasted as food for celebrations, on the buffet or as a tasty gift.

In 2003, Bassto smoked leg of lamb was awarded the Brand “Specialty of Norway” from Matmerk; a quality brand for Norwegian foods (Norwegian only).

You can buy Bassto smoked leg of lamb at Bortistu.

In  Basstua (The Smoking House) from 1850 our chefs Lene and Lars Ivar smokes leg of lamb. Salting and smoking gives an exquisite taste. The process i developed by Leif Helmersen.