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Photo: Terje Storli

Saturday Café

Even in Storlia you can visit a café; every Saturday from 13 – 16 there is cooperation for an open café. See sign by the paring lot in Storli for information about the café either at Storli Gard (Norwegian only) or Bortistu Gjestegard.

We also offer several other activites, e.g:


Activity trail (minimum 8 persons)

The activity trail is a circular trail with posts where the aim is to complete different tasks as fast as possible. The trail has several themes, including lighting a campfire, capacity and endurance, spitting competition Oppdal style, sawing relay, and more.

The activity trail ends with coffee (with extras) prepared on one of the campfires from the relay, with honour and glory to the winners!

Prices: 8 – 20 persons: kr 550 per person, 21 – 40 persons: kr 400 per person.

Time: 2 – 3 hours, depending on numbers of posts.

Other activities we offer:

  • Team Challenge: cooperation, tactics, trust, effort, 10 – 60 persons.
    Time: 75 – 120 min, depending on number of posts.
  • Capture the flag: 10 – 30 persons.
    Time: 1 – 3 hours.
  • The game – planning, teamwork, speed.  Kr 230 – 295 per person. Time: 60 min.
  • Campfire Trip: a short walk to the campfire site. Bortistu can supply food and beverages. You fix the rest.

Prices and more information on request.

 Bortistu Gjestegård ligger i Oppdal kommune i naturskjønne omgivelser innerst i Storlidalen og i hjertet av Trollheimen.

Visit Oppdal

There is a lot to experience in Oppdal – check Visit Oppdal’s webpage




Photo: Terje Storli

Photo: Terje Storli

Cultural history tour in Bortistu – guided tour.

On this tour we focus on crafts and craftsmanship, schooling, local personalities and unity. We’ll visit Innloftet (Eng: The Inner Loft) from 1648, Blåstoggo (Eng: The Blue House) with a toy collection from the 17- and 1800s and a cloths collection from the early 1900s.

The photo exhibition on Buret (Eng: The Storehouse) shows pictures from both everyday life and celebrations on the farm from early 1900s. In Snekkerloftet (Eng: The Carpenter Loft) homemade tools and machines are put on display. In Smia (Eng: The Smithy) you can see a fire pit made of soapstone and a bellow made of sheepskin. Finally, Bassto (Eng: The Smoke House) is where we today smoke legs of lamb.

Of course, you can freely go around exploring by yourself.

Price guided tour: by appointment with the hosts. For groups, kr 1000